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Is it possible to UPGRADE to a Condo with ZERO CASH?

Introducing Alex and his family! We have a TRUE SUCCESS story to share about one of our clients who upgraded to a condo without using their cash from selling their flat.

Alex & Family
(Currently staying in a 5rm HDB Flat)

Alex and his family have been living in their 5-room HDB Flat for 5 years. Lately, they have noticed some of their friends & neighbors moving up, upgrading to Executive Condominiums, or Private Condominiums.

Feeling a bit envious of their friends' new living arrangements, Alex decided to explore their possibilities.

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Their Concerns!

Similar to many homeowners, Alex’s wife feels very comfortable. She thinks that this move is not necessary. His wife worries about affordability, high interest rates, cash outflows, and the increase in monthly repayments have started to surface.

Alex decided to seek a Licensed Realtor for advice!

When Alex met his agent Jae, he discovered that asset progression goes beyond luxurious living. Jae emphasized the significance of saving capital, elevating assets, building wealth for a secured future, and achieve early retirement or financial independence.

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Finally, Alex managed to upgrade without any cash outlay!

After a thorough consultation with Jae, Alex experienced a boost in confidence and promptly implemented the recommended actions. He heeded Jae's advice and placed trust in him throughout their home-buying endeavor.

How did Alex do it?!

Let's take a closer look at how Alex's HDB sales and Executive Condo purchase are categorized.

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Do you also want to be like Alex too?

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At DREAMPROPSG, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your real estate goals. Whether you're looking to buy or sell a property, we aim to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. With our expertise and personalized approach, we'll guide you through every step of the way, from asset progression to building networth and planning for retirement.

What is Asset Progression?

Are you looking to take your property investment to the next level? If so, Property Asset Progression may be the strategy for you! This investment approach involves growing your property portfolio from a single HDB flat to multiple properties that can generate rental income or capital gain.


It's important to note that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but rather a gradual asset growing process that requires considerable planning and research. To be successful with Property Asset Progression, it's essential to start planning even before acquiring your first property. This includes picking the right property at each stage of the property investment cycle, calculating CPF and cash outlay, and maximizing mortgage loans.


By adopting this investment approach, you'll be deviating from the traditional view of paying off your current property in full before buying the next for investment and the risk-averse mindset of always trying to take as little loan as possible. Instead, Property Asset Progression advocates for maximizing loaned funds to generate higher returns. This strategy recognizes that the old method of buying and selling one single property at a time no longer works in this era. If you're interested in learning more about how Property Asset Progression works and the strategies to adopt at different stages of the property cycle, keep reading!

Benefits of Property Asset Progression

By executing the Progression strategies correctly and on time, property owners can own one or two fully paid private properties by their retirement. They can choose to sell these properties, downgrade to an HDB, or put the funds in a fixed deposit account to collect interest. Property portfolios can also comprise high rental yield properties that generate passive incomes before retirement. Property Asset Progression requires low cash outlay, with only 5% cash needed for purchasing a private property in Singapore. Banks are also willing to issue a mortgage loan to fund a property investment.

Selling your property can be a challenging task if you're not working with the right agency. At DREAMPROPSG, we offer a range of services that help homeowners like you sell their property quickly and for the best possible price. We make sure your property stands out in the market, without wasting time on fruitless marketing.

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Input Property Address







What are the risks involved in implementing the Property Asset Progression strategy?

To benefit from Property Asset Progression, buyers must avoid these pitfalls: adopting the wrong strategy, not doing enough research, and entering the market too late. It's important to understand the systematic process of acquiring the right properties and to do sufficient research to understand how the estate development and surrounding infrastructure will impact capital gain. Delaying market entry can significantly affect the chance of obtaining a maximum mortgage loan from the bank.

How to Apply The Property Asset Progression Strategies?

To achieve Property Asset Progression, it's important to identify which stage of the property journey you are on. Young couples who are first-time property buyers focus on purchasing affordable BTO flats, which can be offset with HDB grants and eventually sold for a healthy profit.


For example, a couple with a household income of $6,500 can purchase a 5-room BTO flat for $350,000 and be eligible for $30,000 of Enhanced CPF Housing Grant, reducing nearly 10% of the initial property price. By selling the flat after fulfilling the five-year MOPs, the couple can easily reap a 6-figure profit to upgrade to the next level.

Criteria for Choosing the First Property in Property Asset Progression:

- Affordability: The first property should be within the couple's financial means and not involve overleveraging financial loans. A detailed financial plan can help determine the amount of cash and CPF available, as well as the monthly mortgage repayment that can be afforded.

- High Capital Appreciation: The property should have qualities that will continue to boost capital appreciation and generate good returns when sold after the 5-year MOP.

- Suitability: The property should align with the buyer's goals and plans for the next 5 years, taking into account the possibility of family expansion or lifestyle changes.

Are you ready for Asset Progression?

Property Asset Progression is a method of building wealth that requires careful research, planning, and years of strategizing. It may be a good option for those seeking financial freedom and comfortable retirement funds, but it requires meticulous planning and financial commitment.


We, Real Estate Professionals at DREAMPROPSG can offer professional guidance and share market experience to help clarify any doubts.

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